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What we do

Developers of professional IT solutions for Service and Maintenance, Logistics, and Management since 1998.

Our goal is to simplify our customers’ work processes. To this end we develop individual modules which can be used to extend existing ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning systems) in the fields of machine servicing and logistics. 

The networking of processes and machines via the Internet is the key as information can be captured and processed anywhere in the world, at any time. This enables remote machine monitoring, which reduces cycle times and increases availability. Thanks to our solution, the flow of goods becomes transparent and is accelerated.

We provide precisely the products and support that are necessary for this –with contact persons who are experienced in processes, who are familiar with the application, and who realise goal-oriented solutions.

How we do it

Quality connects.

All products are based on accredited open-source technologies in the form of a modular set of building blocks and are operated via a secure web-based platform. As a result, there are no license costs, and it is easy to extend the system to include additional user circles.

We create web interfaces to all ERP systems – as the perfect extension to your existing systems. Standardised, with customisation possible at all times.

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Lean thinking – lean digitalisation.

We implement lean work sequences in the logistics chain, intelligent maintenance processes and optimised management solutions with user-friendly user interfaces.

We are certain of the great importance of lean management, as a means to enable the best possible work atmosphere for our customers and their employees. We achieve this through the utilisation of automation and barcodes as well as the mobile use of smart devices. The goal in everything we do is to reduce process costs, to increase the total effectiveness of work processes, and to use data more securely.

Our range of services is extremely versatile. We are also experts in the pharmaceutical industry.

PerFact::MPA Service

Meeting Point Architecture – Service and Maintenance

Central service management in real time, including remote machine monitoring via the Internet.

The interaction between the Meeting Point Router MPR and Meeting Point Server MPS guarantees an overview of the current state and the maintenance history of machines, regardless of their location.

Ticket System

All information at a glance – comprehensive and clear

Thanks to the ticket system, service actions can be recorded profitably and transparently.

Remote Service

Global access – targeted and fast

Remote Service ensures the intelligent, reliable and secure remote monitoring of machines and systems.

Mobile Maintenance

Detect malfunctions quickly and rectify them with proficiency

Thanks to Mobile Maintenance, you can respond quickly and reduce downtimes.



Absolute transparency of the returns processing status

With a unique Return Material Authorization RMA/process number, the processing status of exchanged or repaired goods is always in view.

PerFact::PSA Logistics

Portable Scanner Architecture – Logistics

Stocks, the flow of goods, and the status of production at a glance – and in real time.

All products are captured via mobile scanner, barcode and RFID throughout the entire value added chain, from suppliers through to end customers, from goods inwards through to goods receipt – ensuring complete transparency throughout the entire chain.

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Warehouse Management System

A clear overview and transparency of all inventories and movements

Thanks to individual warehousing strategies and optimisation measures, you create a dynamic system geared towards the future.


Digitalisation of your production control system and supply

Thanks to real-time inventory messaging and immediate messaging in the warehouse and production, you create an efficient, reliable and secure supply control system.

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Efficient production planning

Thanks to a transparent order and resource planning system with easy integration into the ERP system and clear control stations, you increase efficiency.

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Easy creation and use of barcodes

Product movements are quicker to trace, the work flows are optimised and error rates reduced. The compact, reliable and secure transfer of your information is assured.

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Fully comprehensive manufacturing management system

Thanks to a process-oriented and variable MES, you create a platform for digitalisation and transparency in production controlling, supply and planning.

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Scanner Technology

Cross-device solution for paperless transfer and issue posting

The user-friendly handling and intuitive operation enables you to capture data reliably, quickly, on the go and securely. All in real time.

PerFact::EMA Process

Enterprise Management Architecture – Process Management

One database. One standard of knowledge. For all employees.

All data that is newly issued or updated is stored and managed on the central PerFact:EMA server. Therefore, all employees can access the relevant data via a highly secure Internet connection, regardless of their physical location.

Document Management

Document Management

Quick and easy document management

Thanks to categories and full-text support, you save valuable time during searches.

Operating Data Acquisition

Total control and plannability at a glance

Thanks to the operating data acquisition system, you have a clear overview of order data and resources. At all times.

Software solutions tailored precisely to your needs. Fast and flexible.


We provide IT solutions that are tailored to your needs. And solutions that we can adapt at any times. If your requirements change, then we will change with them.


Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with you. Therefore, our scalable systems enable you to be particularly competitive. Everything is oriented towards your growth.

Partnership development

We work quickly and reliably. Because we document our processes with complete traceability, we create transparency and develop trust.

Why we do it

Caught out in the cold? We have passed the fire test!

Our solutions are just as different as our customers.
However, they all have one thing in common: each and every customer is impressed with the quality and usability of our products. And trust us.

Froneri Logo


Froneri is one of the largest ice cream producers in the world, with facilities spread throughout the globe.

Thanks to PerFact::MES, Froneri always has a complete overview of its several thousand production orders per month, and therefore always has control over its global production facilities.

Harting Logo


The HARTING technology group is a world-leading provider of industrial connection technology for the three lifelines – data, signal and power.

PerFact::MPAx realises centralised remote access with full transparency of the suppliers and the in-house mechanical engineering department, which in turn reliably supports its own customers with the same PerFact software.

The intensive partnership-based cooperation is also reflected in joint trade fair appearances and activities surrounding the HARTING MICA system.

Rossmann Logo


Dirk Rossmann GmbH is the second largest chain of chemists in Germany, and is one of the ten most important grocery retailers in Germany.

PerFact::EMA is used to manage and process the permanent web-based and work-flow-based communication between the almost 4,000 European branches and the head office.

Spartherm Logo


Spartherm is a German owner-managed manufacturer of fuel cells, stoves, fireplace cassettes, bio-ethanol burners, pellet stoves and nostalgic tiled stoves.

With the PerFact::PSA production feedback and time tracking modules, Spartherm not only optimises internal processes, but also increases customer satisfaction through fast, reliable information and improved delivery reliability.

Any questions?

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