Developing professional IT solutions

… since 1998

Our commitment

Your quality demands – our mission!

The demands of the dynamic IT industry have been shaping our company since 1998. Today, the management team and our employees now have more than two decades of practical experience in digitalisation. This is our capital.

Thanks to our sound technological expertise, we are successful across industries. Standardised and yet individualised software modules coupled with close customer contact are decisive for our constant growth.

Innovative from the start.

The combination of products and services enables the development of tailored solutions. Our expertise in consultation and programming knows no bounds. With our commitment, we create value for our customers, partners and employees.

Sustainability drives our ideas: As a company, we are well aware of our social responsibility for IT security. We do not just provide professional IT solutions – we also promote the further education of our employees, and we are involved in schools, colleges and universities.

The first web-based service portal for imperial kitchen appliances


First web-based barcode scanner solution at Meyra


Europe-wide interconnection of all Rossmann branches


Service portal with status-oriented servicing for IMA Klessmann


The first apprentices start at PerFact


Global rollout of the MES system for Froneri


First GAMP-based system in the pharmaceutical industry at L-A-W


What distinguishes us

Our philosophy.

Teamwork is our strength: Colleagues from all age groups combine our values of quality and responsibility with a constant stream of new ideas. Our employees strive for transparency and partnership in their various projects.


We do not just work through our projects – we have a passion for what we do. This sets us apart from others and ensures that our customers are completely satisfied.



We have a high level of personal responsibility. Each project has one person in charge – from development right through to go-live.



We are committed and we are happy when faced with challenges. With our expertise, we are therefore driving the leading edge forward.



We document everything that we do at all times. This creates transparency in the sequences and in the cost analysis.



We also think about tomorrow, and question our business processes. We are therefore setting ourselves apart for a quality-oriented future.



We listen and are honest. With this approach, we find solutions together that lead to success.


We invest in the future. Right from the start.

We invest in our company location, Herford, which is characterised by a diversity of customers with well-known brands and traditional family businesses. A large number of businesses here are involved in the furniture industry and mechanical engineering – the requirements of both fitting in well with our portfolio.

We train IT specialists for system integration and IT specialists for application development, and we are incredibly proud in the fact that we employ two new apprentices each year.


Creating jobs


Users worldwide


Current apprenticeships


Throughout the world

What sets us apart


Downtime is a backward step. We therefore live and breathe the continuous improvement process, which is also reflected in the optimisation of our own products and processes.

These satisfy all of the requirements of the management system in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, and we were proud to receive the QM certificate CERTainable.

… and social commitment

Ensuring that our region has skilled workers for the future is a heartfelt concern of ours. We therefore actively nurture our potential young talents and ensure that they have opportunities to develop. We are well networked and drive forward on innovative paths with our partners.

Universität Bielefeld

University Society of Bielefeld

The University Society of Bielefeld builds bridges between the university and the population of the city of Bielefeld and the Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) region, and strengthens the links between the university and industry.

Mint Mentoring OWL Maschinenbau

mint mentoring owl maschinenbau

In the “mint mentoring” programme, students for higher education institutions in the OWL region have the chance of gaining practical work experience in technology companies and to work actively on their professional development.

Gildenhaus e.V. Bielefeld

The Gildenhaus e.V. Bielefeld

Even now, this association focuses its work on the fields of education/training, the reform of social security systems, corporate ethics and the social market economy.

It‘s OWL

it‘s OWL        

In the technology network known as it’s OWL – Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalenLippe – more than 200 companies, research institutes and organisations work together to develop solutions for intelligent products and production processes.

OWL Maschinenbau

owl maschinenbau

This network of mechanical engineering experts from Ostwestfalen-Lippe has been supporting small companies, startups and large corporations in the mechanical engineering and automation industry with collective innovative power, versatile fields of expertise and achieving objectives through partnership for 15 years.

Mach1 Weiterbildung

MACH1 further education

MACH1, the “Economics working group for further vocational training in the district of Herford e. V. “, was founded in 1988 by companies in the district of Herford and the Herford employers’ association. Since then, MACH1 has grown to include 120 members – but the events held are open to all interested parties, whether private or professional.

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